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Hi. I am Gloria Rose. I am first and foremost a Mom.  Psychic  Medium, Shaman and Coach.  I am a multidimensional being and I offer many services. I also recently became a Shaman. I have  been able to sense spirit since I was a little girl. It was in my teen years when I was able to connect & talk with spirit confidently.  I learned about Tarot & developing my intuition around that time too. I offer clients Reiki Treatments, Tarot Card readings,  Tea Leaf readings , Medium messages, Psychic readings, Sound Bath, Meditation Techniques,  Cord removals, Intuitive coaching & Akashic Records. I started my Reiki journey as an adult,  and how to help other intuitive people along their spiritual journey  by learning what their intuitive abilities are ,how to use them with confidence & ease in our Intuitive You! Course. To be able so share messages & other experiences.  Having the keen intuition as a Psychic/Medium only enhances the services offered. I offer a safe non-judgmental environment, while providing a calming space. My life's journey is just beginning, and my mission is to help others,  with spiritual guidance ,  Energy work & making Spiritual Connections.

Other ways to connect

I offer Tarot / Oracle card readings, psychic/mediumship, Reiki, Tea Leaf readings , Intuitive Coaching , Cord removal , Sound Bath therapy , Shamanic Journey, Akashic Soul Record,  Psychic Parties & meditation are offered through video chat, text messages, over the phone, email and in person.  

Hours Of Operation


*Please note: Some Holidays may effect these hours 

Hours may be extended for Parties and Group sessions 

*Please allow 2 days advance notice for cancellations for appointments

* Prices are subject to change.

No refunds on services and they are non-transferable


9 am to 5 pm


9 am to 5pm


9 am to 5 pm


9 am to 5 pm


9 am to 5 pm


10 am to 4 pm

We are closed Sundays, unless for party appointments.

Akashic Soul Records Reading

 Enjoy an intuitive soul reading session as I connect to the Akashic Records to seek information on your experiences, past lives, past , present & future events, how we respond. Basically there is a giant void of space between the etheric dimension of what it remembers & can predict. As it stores all information & there is something that feeds information back to us . This can mirror our consciousness , what we out into that space. It connects all things in the Akashic because it remembers due to the stored information, like keeping a record of your life & all the ones you had. 

Tarot / Oracle Card Reading          $20  -  20 +min

Tea Leaf Reading            $150 - 1 hr +

Medium Reading      $150 - 1 hr

 $100- 30 min

Psychic Reading             $150 - 1 hr 

$100- 30 min

​Cord Removal                $120   -  1 hr

Sound Bath             $80 - 30 min

$120 - 1 hr 

Intuitive Coaching - 18 week course (1 hr per week )        $1,080

Shamanic Journey

$120  - 1 hr

Akashic Soul Record Reading

$75 -30 min

$150 - ^1 hr

Parties & Current Fees.


** All current fees are nonrefundable of $300


All mediumship & psychic parties ( 4 - 6 people.) No more then 8 can attend at one time.  2 hrs in length.  

$45 person


All Tarot Card & Tea Leaf parties ( 4-6 people ). No more then 8 can attend at 1 time.   2hrs   

$20 person For Tarot/ Oracle party

$80 person for Tea Leaf reading 


* This is to better have a chance with each person receiving a reading.  All parties are 2 hrs in length, They sometimes go over.  Please do not consume heavy drugs or alcohol as this distorts readings & if our intuitive feels you are under the influence, violent or derogatory  in any way the session will ended immediately. 


Intuitive You! Course 

This course is 18 weeks long 


You can pay for each level individually. 


Level 1 : Beginner $360

Level 2:  Intermediate $360

Level 3: Advanced $360

TOTAL: $1,080

Each week you will receive an email with an update to what you are learning that week, along with the Zoom link & any learning materials you will require. I always encourage questions & bring  something to write with & on. Each level has it's own support group where Gloria will go live 2 times a week to answer any questions you have. Once the level is complete the group will be archived until the program runs again. This program is designed to help incredible intuitive's like yourself learn what your gifts are & how you can strengthen them with confidence & ease. This program is a coaching course that allow so you to not only learn what intuition is but you will also learn how to use your gifts for readings along with the business aspect on tips for running your own business  & more.  You can expect to do live readings. You will receive a Certificate of Completion. 

Level 1: Created to help you figure out what intuition is & the difference between intuition & Mediumship, and the basics such as  grounding & protecting , energy maintenance & more. This level is for anyone, including beginners, those who are looking to expand their knowledge, people who need direction & do not know where to start .

Level 2: WE focus on what divination & some tools. We also focus on responsibility & Ethics, LIVE readings & more. Perfect if you have taken our Level 1 as this level is Intermediate.This level you will provide your own readings because you will learn this & have plenty of practice.  

Level 3: This was created to review what we learned in Level 2 as this pertains to this level. We will focus on being professional & code of conduct, how to draw people in & some additional strategies. Plus we also focus on more live readings , running a business , proper interpretation , dreams  & much more. You will also book your private 1 - on 1 Coaching Session. 

Please note that this program usually runs twice a year. You will need to take all 3 Levels to get the full benefit and to successfully complete the program.  To make things easier for our students and clients  we made each level available to purchase separably  . If you miss one level you can catch it the next time it runs. Each level will but at the same time each week. Each level is 6 weeks long. The assignments that will be  given are for practice to help you build your gifts up with confidence & ease

Reiki  Treatment


A type of Japanese healing energy work, using the Universal energy.  Through soft- touch hand positions, you wil feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  Each session is personal to clients. Helps also relieve pain & Stress.  These sessions are 30 min to 60 min long. 

$200 for 1 hour

$100 for 30min


During session you are fully clothed and covered. Relax and allow the healing energy of Reiki. Reiki can be done on any person, at any age and at any stage of their life

All readings are done on a first paid first read basis.  All payments must be fully processed for the payment to be accepted and the reading schedule can be confirmed.  Cash and ETF are accepted. 

 No video taping allowed for the privacy of others during group parties. During private sessions you may take notes. Please allow for group parties, to arrive at least 15min early to ensure we  avoid delays causing less time for readings. Allow Gloria to give messages from loved ones. Not everyone in the group may recieve messages from a loved one, family members or friends who have passed on.  Based on if spirit wants to communicate. All messages will be received in the order spirit wishes to connect with.  For group sessions it's also reccomend that the group of participant's are related who are wishing to connect with the same family member or loved one.  

Other Services


Sound Bath Therapy

Enjoy a relaxing & soothing sound bath therapy session using a variety of instruments & voice work. To help heal, clear, release stress, twnsion & anxiety , guide etc


Shamnic Journey

Drumming while you are being guided through various  spiritual journeys. You can ask for help for self & other's, you can seek guidance, recall dreams, souls, chakra activations and much more.


Cord Removal 

You will be guided on a guided meditative journey to disconnect, remove & remove ties from people or even situations , cut energetic cords & contracts, helps to let go of fears.

Meditation classes

Here we learn the basics of meditation,  the health benefits,  and different techniques.  This also includes guided meditation 

Psychic/Medium sessions

I connect with spirit to give messages from those in the spirit world

Tarot & Tea Readings 

Tarot card readings and Tea Leaf readings. Have questions you want answers to. See what spirit has to say


Gloria was amazing. She was spot on, it's like she knew what I was thinking in my soul and never spoken to anyone. I left with a new outlook and a solution to my problem.  

Karen Malter

   Mary Kay consultant 

Toronto, Ontario 

"I won a Tarot reading and she spoke to what was true in my heart. Self love! "

Kandice,  Ontario 

I was very impressed with Gloria, she was able to read me well, and I'm not very easy to read. She definitely is gifted in her psychic abilities. I would definitely recommend a reading from her, she was spot on with me. 🙂

Milena Deleo

 Oshawa, Ontario 


Gloria is an amazing psychic! She's very warm and easy to talk to! She was able to connect and get messages that applied to everything going on in my life, and she really helped me make some informed decisions. She was also able to give me important information on a family member that needed to get addressed quickly. This really helped me and my family. Thank you so much Gloria ❤️

If you have never had a reading or are someone who has readings often Gloria is definitely someone to connect with. She makes you feel comfortable and delivers information that's very accurate. She has many services to offer and helps you choose which one would be best for you. Looking forward to my next session with this wonderful lady.

Her services are amazing, so insightful and knowledgeable about her craft. I trust her wholeheartedly. I highly recommend for readings, reki or anything in between

Cassandra Mullins, Ontario

"We were having a very bad luck spell that seemed to last for over a year. It seemed to be what could go wrong, did. I started to wonder if we were in need of a higher power to help rid our house and lives of our bad vibe that seemed to be lingering. I reached out to Bielli's connections who did a cleansing and offered some advice on how to rid the bad energy. Happy to re​port that we are back to a life of positivity, no more bad vibes lingering around our lives! Thanks Bielli's!!"

Lorraine Van Ooyen, Ontario

"Had a tea leaf reading with Gloria and she was engaging, easy to talk to and the info that came through was spot on. She was able to intuitively tap into extra info making the reading very exciting. I highly recommend Biellis Connections!"

Ashley Wood, Ontario

I had such a wonderful afternoon started with Gloria Rose hanging and being our nerdy weird selfs together and going on a little meditation journey which helped lift so much for me then I went to the gym it’s been awhile since I’ve been to the gym but damn going made me realize how much I missed it !

Jessica Entwistle, Ontario

"​Gloria did a tarot card reading for me today, first off she is the nicest psychic I have ever spoke to. She is dead on about everything she said to me. I would definitely recommend this to all my family and friends. Can’t wait to have another reading"

Melissa Wells, Ontario

"​She is kind and answers your questions to the best of her knowledge and she will also keep your reading private if that's what you prefer and she is not judgemental of anyone."

Stephanie Buck, Ontario

"​she is very sweet and welcoming.

I had a very good experience and will most likely try more of her services in the future!"

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