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Learn what your Intuitive gifts are, how to strengthen & use them daily or with other's with confidence.  Stop the self-sabatoge & doubt.  Stop being afraid of what others may think or say & stop being afraid of the unknown. In this Program you will be able to  learn to access & use natural gifts . You will learn how to develop & strengthen your skills you do have. You will learn how to Connections with you higher self, guides & spirit team.  In this course you will enjoy energetic freedom, feel & be confident , stand in your own power, know your truth! 


This course is a 18 week program. , and is a certificate course. Each lesson is 1 hour each week,  plus 2 days of Q&A. You will also receive 1 private coaching session after the program & you will have the week to practice. If you are interested in signing up, please use this link below to join the wait list. Our next session starts March 2023.


We have some live in person vendor events coming up for 2023

Bielli's Connections is hosting  a Retrieving Your Soul- Shamanic Journey with Gloria.  On Friday September 15, 2023.  This event is 1 day & will be done online.  The price is $10 ($11.98 with tax)

When we experience or suffer trauma from a manic point of view, we may have suffered soul loss, which is our essence "life force" "light body" which contains everything we are as a collective such as our emotions, memories, experiences etc from the beginning ..back to when we were conceived. With soul retrieval we are drawing in all of our self "threads" back into our sacred being. This is an amazing & effective Shamanic healing practice to restore lost life & soul loss . Soul loss can take place from where we suffer a trauma such as the loss of a partner or if you are going through tough & messy situations of life circumstances. Sometimes we need to do more than one soul retrieval journey.

During this event

You will learn a little more about soul loss, how it can occur & we will go on a Shamanic journey to look for lost power through this journey & your own guardian spirits & power animals to look for lost power in Mother Earth & to bring back that power animal to empower us as a group & to bring yours back to you. You will be guided during the drumming process.

We have 2 in person events coming up this year for 2023

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