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Would you like to book now with Bielli's Connection's? 

*Please note that only Email Transfer Funds (ETF) payments, and cash payments are accepted. Payment must be fully processed for booking to be confirmed. 

Book your session

You can book a session by calling (289) 675- 8299 during our business hours     or by Email : 

** Please note that emails do not get checked outside of business hours. Please allow 1-3 days for response as we tend to get busy. 


Bielli's Disclaimer 

  1. Psychic, Mediumship & other intuitive readings are not a guarantee of any kind and participation in a reading means you agree to pay for the service or services provided
  2. Any intuitive readings regarding medical is not a substitute for advice of a physician. These are meant to supplement traditional medical treatment only .
  3. Any intuitive reading regarding legal advice , please see an attorney. Gloria is not a Lawyer which means she can not offer any legal advice
  4. Readings are for entertainment purposes only
  5. If a connection is not established , the session will be discontinued
  6. Gloria Rose at Bielli's Connections is not responsible for choices made by client
  7. If the client is under the influence of any sort the session will be cancelled as this will effect the connection established
  8. Before your session please take into consideration which includes any and all preparation and email communication for reading : therefore refunds, charge backs cancellations  are NOT ACCEPTED
  9. You may reschedule within 24 hours notice. If you do within the same day as your appointment you forfeit your payment for your session. The reason for this is because we have been scheduling clients around your secured time slot 

Thank you for your understanding

Psychic and Medium Readings  

Everyone and everything has energy , this means each intuitive is different and has different levels of frequency that vibrates at different levels which means every intuitive will pick up on different information or some none at all . This means it is how we access and process the information we receive when a connection is established. This could also mean that the information may be limited. Not all two psychic mediums are the same. What one person picks up may be different or more detailed , it is just how it works. 

Not all spirits wish to connect or communicate. Some spirits will connect only with a specific person or people. This means our loved one may not want to connect with that person or the intuitive providing the session, and sometimes they will connect with anyone and be chatty. It depends on if a connection is established.

Thank You

I would like to thank you for choosing Bielli's Connections.  Please feel free to contact me by phone or through email.  Have a wonderful day.  

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