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Attention Valued Clients


Please carefully read this page before you book any intuitive session. We have made some changes. We only offer in person sessions for Parties or our live vendor events

Temporary Changes 

In person parties are available during warmer times as these will only be available outdoors due to current. 

All parties & events will be required to sign an agreement. The meeting is so our intuitive can meet the person hosting party & to ensure safety of our intuitive. In person parties are limited.  All parties require a non-refundable deposit of $300 to ensure your spot & party.  All participants must not be under any influence of drugs or alcohol . Prescribed medication is fine as this is needed.  When someone is under the influence of drugs and alcohol it effects the energy & this causes misreadings. This is because your energy is distorted. NO violence towards our intuitive.  If our intuitive feels you are under the influence , or become violent or disrespectful  then your session will be cancelled  or ended & discontinued immediately. 

You also understand that psychic, medium, tarot/ oracle , tea leaf readings & Akashic record sessions are for entertainment purposes. Our intuitive is not a doctor nor psychologist so please use your discernment & description during the session. 

May you be Blessed. 

Please know that Covid - 19 is still a thing so in person sessions are only available from May until September so Gloria will wear a mask

Please note that emergency Reiki appointments are available,  but all clients must wear a face mask during treatment. Appointments are limited. If you are feeling unwell please notify me in advance and we can reschedule. You can only reschedule once. Thank you .

For services over the phone

All services can be done over the phone. 

I offer online, over the phone,  email and in person parties. During this time these services being offered may change.

Please note: Payments must be accepted before readings can take place and  are done electronically. Call or send me a message to book your spot. Thank you kindly. Blessed be

*Please wash your hands, cover your face and nose when you cough and sneeze. Be sure to keep your distance in order to keep yourself and your family healthy.  If you feel ill please contact your local Public Health line, Telehealth or your local hospital. Please be cautious. Stay safe

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